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  1. Battle Gear 1.5 (11 139 times)
  2. Samurai (3 870 times)
  3. Crusin With Crush (3 366 times)
  4. Castle Clout : Return of the King (3 308 times)
  5. Add Like Mad (1 999 times)
  6. Super Mario Time Attack Remix (1 982 times)
  7. Sift Heads - Street Wars (Act 1) (1 947 times)
  8. The Ultimate Maze (1 923 times)
  9. Shootgun Skeet (1 898 times)
  10. USA (1 853 times)


  1. Warflash 2 (1 661 times)
  2. Fast Lane Challenge (1 642 times)
  3. USA (1 853 times)
  4. Battle Gear 4 (1 625 times)
  5. Phase Cannon TD (1 691 times)
  6. Desert Valley Race (1 609 times)
  7. Miami Street Race (1 557 times)
  8. Sift Heads Assault 2 (1 681 times)
  9. Sim Air Traffic (1 612 times)
  10. Battleships (1 649 times)


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Asylum V

The Asylum is calling you back! Get ready to explore another massive asylum i...

(Played: 780)

Sim Air Traffic

Managing an airport is a tricky business! Can you keep up with all the tasks...

(Played: 1 612)


The objective of the game is to try and eliminate all the blocks in the field...

(Played: 1 015)

Frat Boy Beer Pong

Who can beat a frat boy at beer pong? Use mouse to set your aim. Click to rel...

(Played: 322)

Monster Hatch

Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters

(Played: 377)

Ultimate Crush

In the game of collapse, blocks of the same colour are remove upon clicking. ...

(Played: 581)

Star Ambushed

You were attack by Imperial TIE-Fighter. Click to fire and destroy them as ma...

(Played: 429)

The Peg Game

Click a peg that can jump over another to an empty space to remove the jumped...

(Played: 429)

The Indian Shikar

Just point and shoot the tiger.

(Played: 333)

Roof Top Rollers

Click on the instrucments to make those cats swine

(Played: 336)

Mad Cows

Click on the mad cows before they hide themselves

(Played: 379)

Whaked Studio

Click on as many "treasure" as possible and try to avoid the negative objects

(Played: 301)


Score as manay point as possible before the time is out

(Played: 459)

Keepy Uppy

Click on the head and score points

(Played: 335)

King of Buttons

Click the buttons as fast as you could, multiple play mode!

(Played: 360)


You will want to be as accurate as possible in this game. Each miss will give...

(Played: 368)


Click on the products on the conveyor belt before it drop off the belt

(Played: 326)

Major Slant

tilt the board and guide your ball to the exit point

(Played: 327)

Breaking Point

Your main objective is to defense against the mutant zombies.

(Played: 468)

Check Point Delta

The Military is at your disposal to find the bomb, you will be receiving furt...

(Played: 490)

Air Fighting

Use the mouse to move your jet and click to fire.

(Played: 574)

Snoopy Click

Snoopy Cilck is a game with its intention to test your memory capability.

(Played: 311)

Dress Up Bill

Click the blue buttons to dress up Bill

(Played: 371)

Massacre Mania

Use the mouse to move your spaceship and click to fire.

(Played: 289)


Link the starting point and ending point with road build by you

(Played: 501)


Click on the monster in the same sequence

(Played: 575)

Perfect Mix

Remember the cocktails that have been ordered, then select the correct combin...

(Played: 299)

Grampa Grumble Arm Wrestling

Click on the button at appropriate time to increased your strength

(Played: 1 154)

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