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  5. Add Like Mad (1 837 times)
  6. Super Mario Time Attack Remix (1 808 times)
  7. Sift Heads - Street Wars (Act 1) (1 783 times)
  8. The Ultimate Maze (1 769 times)
  9. Shootgun Skeet (1 743 times)
  10. USA (1 705 times)


  1. Warflash 2 (1 514 times)
  2. Fast Lane Challenge (1 494 times)
  3. USA (1 705 times)
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  5. Phase Cannon TD (1 556 times)
  6. Desert Valley Race (1 478 times)
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Test your matching skill by matching puzzlse into correct places

(Played: 412)

Quick Brick

Collapse clone with 3 modes: Tournament, Puzzle or Endless

(Played: 314)


Move the colour tiles to a new location. Remove tiles by placing the same col...

(Played: 267)

Railway Line

Build a track system that works.

(Played: 297)


Force the opponent to a position without a valid move

(Played: 591)

Reaction Effect

Tiles that are connected with the target tile chosen will be turned and form ...

(Played: 297)

Revenge Of The Stick

In this Turret Defense game you defeat the most resistant species since the i...

(Played: 536)

Rickshaw Jam

This is a remake of the classic chinese puzzle. You have to get the ricksaw o...

(Played: 341)


Arrange the balls as shown in the picture.

(Played: 399)

River Game

The object is to get all the people across the river. There are rules to be obey

(Played: 261)


Rotate the virus so that it form the desire pattern

(Played: 260)

Rush Hour Madness

This game is based on a Chinese puzzle. Your objective is to lead your vehicl...

(Played: 427)


15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.

(Played: 281)

Shanghai Dynasty

A clone of the popular Chinese tile game - Mahjongg. This version offer 2 gam...

(Played: 257)

Shove It

Another puzzle game involving pushing the block into the right location

(Played: 357)


Knock all the yellow balls off the table to win.

(Played: 617)

Sim Air Traffic

Managing an airport is a tricky business! Can you keep up with all the tasks...

(Played: 1 467)

Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior

Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army

(Played: 272)

Slider Mania

A sliding puzzle game

(Played: 448)

Snoopy Click

Snoopy Cilck is a game with its intention to test your memory capability.

(Played: 258)


Solitaire with illustrated card face

(Played: 287)

Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character block. Earn bonus ...

(Played: 480)


Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center

(Played: 265)

Spelling Game

Match the alphabet to become a word.

(Played: 271)


Move Steppenwolf through the world in an interactive series of action and log...

(Played: 298)

Stick in Twiddlestix

The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick ...

(Played: 258)


You realize the list of purchase placing products in corresponding apertures ...

(Played: 404)


Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman

(Played: 401)

Tactics Core

It is 7 versus 6 in this tactical board game of superheroes and their super s...

(Played: 319)


Tangram is 7 pieces of basic shapes that can be combined to form wonderful ge...

(Played: 218)

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